t is my honor to welcome all of you to the 55th Annual Session of our beloved PNBC. This is our EMERALD YEAR! PRAISE GOD!!! This is an occasion for us to look back over the vital contribution we have made to this country. One of the most vital contributions this convention made to this country is that our early leaders helped to get the Voting Rights Act established into law. History is calling upon us to do again in this time what our foremothers and forefathers did in their time - stand up with courage and be the voice for the voiceless and get the voting rights act restored. In this 55th year, we will also celebrate the spouses of our pastors. They make enormous contributions to the ministry and we want to pause and thank them. Through this session's preaching, teaching, challenges and fellowship, you will be blessed!!! Thank you for being here!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO PROGRESSIVE! President Perkins




s the regions plan and execute their annual sessions this spring and summer, all roads lead to New Orleans for PNBC’s Emerald 55th Annual Session. Our host pastor in New Orleans will be Dr. Dwight Webster and the Christian Unity Baptist Church. President Perkins has sounded the alarm for this pivotal election year and what we must do to ensure that we make a difference this election cycle by registering and mobilizing thousands of new voters. By August, it will be clear who the nominees will be from both political parties, and we are expecting that each will want to make their way to New Orleans and make their case before the PNBC family. The Headquarters staff has geared up for our annual session by preparing, mailing , and posting on our website the pertinent details of our Emerald 55th annual session. One of the exciting highlights for this year will be an Emerald Gala in honor of PNBC Pastors’ Spouses. As Dr. Perkins has noted, the spouses of our pastors contribute much to the ministries of our churches, and this occasion will be a perfect time to thank them for their selfless efforts. Dr. Timothy Tee Boddie Dr. Timothy Tee Boddie General Secretary



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